Window Protection Film

Window protection films are very popular among Chicago drivers. Quite often, auto dealers are asked for vehicle specifications which include security glazing fitments. This thin and invisible film offers the perfect solution to minor grab-and-smash attacks as well as provides additional safety for car occupants in case of a road accident. Moreover, most window protection films are noise-resistant and UV-repellant.

While a windscreen is normally made of laminated glass, the side windows are manufactured from its tempered type which can be easily broken by a sharp object. When damaged, the side windows usually fall apart into thousands of pieces. This offers thieves a quick chance to get to the valuables inside your vehicle. In most cases, a car alarm system cannot help, as it usually only takes a few seconds for a criminal to break the glass and steal whatever is inside. In addition, most people would simply ignore the alarm, assuming it was false. As a result, vehicles are quite defenseless against vehicle vandals and carjackers.

Even though some automobile glass producers have already started to employ an impact-resistant glazing for side windows, many modern cars still offer the toughened glass solution for the majority of models. For this reason, window protection films are the perfect alternative. Normally, these are plastic folios applied to the inside surface of the car’s windows. In case of an attack or accidental damage, the glass breaks into pieces but remains intact, providing little chance for dangerous glass shards to get inside your car and protecting your belongings from thieves.

At our Chicago car window protection film installation service, you can get a wide selection of durable high-quality security films for any type of vehicle. We offer films from world renowned manufacturers and brands, so you can be sure they conform to national light transmission standards, as well as other security norms. The pressure-sensitive adhesive technology allows easy installation and provides sufficient time to position the film on the glass surface. Upon your request, we can also provide you with our professional installation service.

Along with clear window protection films, our Chicago clients can get tinted automotive films offering an exceptional style as well as additional protection from heat, glare and radiation. Normally, the tinted film is able to filter out up to 99 percent of UV rays. This keeps your interior materials from fading as well as protects your vehicle’s occupants from harmful impacts. Solar protection offers the chance to reduce the temperature of your interior surfaces by as much as +16C (29F), providing a better microclimate. Additionally, your vehicle gets the chance to become more fuel-efficient by using less energy for its cooling system.

With us, you can get top quality and the highest performance car glass window protection films in Chicago at the best rates in the business. We are here to make your vehicle safer and more secure. Our trained technicians will also offer professional installation to ensure lasting quality.

Benefits of Window Protection Films

Installing window film protection for your car is more than rewarding. Here are some of the most valued benefits you’ll get by applying the film:

  • Smash and grab impact protection.
    Once you’ve got your side glazing protected, you don’t have to worry about the valuables you leave in your car while shopping at a local supermarket.
  • Shatter-proof surface.
    According to recent research, one square meter of glass produces up to two thousand sharp and dangerous pieces able to cause serious physical damage.
  • Safe escape.
    As the film is applied onto the internal surface of the window, it allows occupants to push out shattered windows safely in case of an emergency caused by a road accident. It also prevents occupants from being thrown out of the car in a rollover accident.
  • Scratch-resistant.
    This feature provides protection for your glazing so that they will look new even after years of use.
  • Solar control.
    The films reduce heat gain as well as UV radiation. This offers better comfort for the occupants and prevents the interior materials from fading.

Although the glass in your car looks like any other glazing, its functions are totally different. Unlike in most homes, where windows are usually made of standard glass, the ones in your car have to be shatter-proof and strong enough to deal with road potholes and rocks. Not surprisingly, the issues of reinforcing car glass structures and making them safer are of great importance. Fortunately, modern technologies are able to reduce shatter risks dramatically. One of the most popular ways is anti-shatter window protection film installation. Due to its ability to make the glass structure more reliable as well as keep it in one piece even when damaged, the window film is now widely used in the automobile industry.

Window Film UV Protection

Apart from safety and security, the window protection films we offer for Chicago clients provide outstanding solar control features. Solar control window films reduce UV radiation, protect interiors from heat, and improve energy efficiency. If you are interested in keeping the heat out of your car, take a look at our window protection products. Our trained specialists will provide all the necessary information as well as technical assistance so you can be sure of a successful purchase.

But it’s not only interiors you should think about. Did you know that the latest research has proven that U.S. drivers have a higher rate of skin cancer on their left because of UV exposure while driving? While the damage from the sun’s radiation is cumulative, you get additional rays every time you drive your car on a sunny day. Most drivers think they are not affected by the harmful sun while driving. You will seldom get sunburnt, they argue, so why worry about cancer? But in fact, the research proves the opposite. UV rays, which contributes to skin ageing and causes cancer, can still affect you through your vehicle’s side window.

Window tinting for your car is probably one of the most effective ways to protect you and your family from harmful radiation. How many of us wear protective clothing or apply sunscreen creams while driving? Probably none. However, with your car windows sun-protected, you can always feel safe inside irrespective of the weather conditions.

If you love your car and yourself, get our premium car glass window film installation service in Chicago, IL. The films we install are backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty. We provide the quality you can trust as well as the best technician teams and the latest equipment to ensure correct installations and high performance. We make a commitment to performing professional installations seriously. With us, you’ll get innovative and technology-based films only from the world’s leading manufacturers.


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