Install a Semi Truck Wrap and Stand Out from the Crowd on the Road!

Semi-truck wraps are large graphically designed vinyl films that are applied to the exterior of vehicles to promote a business or service and help your vehicle stand out on the road. Wrapping is an increasingly popular form of advertising that is more affordable than other traditional forms of advertising. For one-off upfront payment, a semi truck wrap will deliver years of invaluable brand recognition for your business.

Full or partial vinyl wraps can be applied to any model or age of semi truck vehicle. At Tinting Chicago our in-house graphic design team will customize films to incorporate company colors, logos, and any brand messaging.

With a well-designed semi truck wrap, you can be confident that your vehicle will become an eye-catching mobile billboard that will turn heads wherever it goes. For a free quote, contact Tinting Chicago at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.

7 benefits of a semi truck wrap

  1. Affordable advertising
  2. Promotes your business and services
  3. Makes your vehicle stand out from competitors
  4. Protects the paintwork
  5. Fast installation
  6. Easy removal
  7. Great return on investment

Cost of a semi truck wrap with custom graphics

The cost of installing a custom-designed vinyl wrap is much less than a new paint job. To fully wrap a semi truck you need to budget between $1,500 and $5,000. However, the following factors dictate the exact cost of a semi truck vinyl wrap:

  • Full or partial wrap
  • Intricacy of design
  • Brand used
  • Size of semi-truck

Which parts of a semi truck can you wrap?

Vinyl wrap can be installed on any non-porous surface both on the exterior and interior of a semi-truck. Even windows can be wrapped allowing the surface to be incorporated into the design but the driver and passengers can still see out of the cab.

How effective is advertising through semi truck wraps?

Semi-trucks are constantly on the road transporting goods from one place to another. They can cover hundreds of miles a day and be visible to thousands of passers-by. This makes them great advertising tools, particularly when transiting through busy towns and cities.

Research shows that custom vehicle wraps are one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. A vinyl-wrapped vehicle can attract up to 80,000 views a day, in a highly populated area. Why not benefit from this exposure by promoting your brand on the bodywork of your truck. If you don’t, your competitors will!

Types of semi-truck wrap finishes

Caring for a semi truck vinyl wrap

To ensure maximum longevity for your semi truck wrap it is important to do the following:

  • Hand wash your semi truck, rather than putting it through an automated wash
  • Never wax over a vinyl wrap
  • Park in the shade when possible
  • Never scrub the vinyl with anything abrasive
  • Remove dirt, grime, and grease from vinyl as quickly as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does semi-truck vinyl wrap last?

A semi truck vinyl wrap will last anywhere between 5 to 7 years, depending on the brand and the quality of installation. After 7 years, you can expect your wrap to show signs of wear and tear and need replacing.

Do semi truck vinyl wraps fade in the sun?

Although semi-truck vinyl vehicle wraps are designed to repel UV rays and not fade in the sun, it's advisable to park your truck in the shade whenever possible, particularly if you live in an unusually sunny climate.

Will a semi-truck wrap damage the paintwork when it's removed?

No, a semi-truck vinyl wrap will not damage the paintwork beneath it, even after many years of application. When professionally removed, vinyl wrap actually serves to protect the paintwork of a vehicle.


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