Why Vinyl Wrap Your Trailer?

Trailers provide plenty of space which can be used as your advertising area. Just think, how much does an average billboard cost to rent? By all means it is a viable advertising instrument, but why not use all the options you have? Digitally printed graphics on vinyl wraps provide the perfect chance for creating eye-catching promotions for your products or brand.

It’s not only personal vehicles that can be customized. Why not make your business transport look stylish and attractive? People tend to react to colorful graphics. With our vinyl wraps for trailers you can make your custom business transport look appealing and interesting. Additionally, you do not have to pay for the advertising area, which makes your promotion cost-efficient.

Your transport covers hundreds of miles every day. With visible advertisements on them, your business has the brilliant opportunity to become known to customers from various areas of Chicago. In other words, you get a mobile form of advertising which is able to cover long distances, showcasing your brand and products to a wide range of potential clients.

Another advantage of trailer wrapping is that you provide extra protection for your vehicles, keeping their resale value at a high level. The vinyl wraps for trailers we sell for Chicago business owners come from renowned manufacturers and are top-quality brands. This provides you with excellent performance and durability. The vinyl wraps cover surfaces with multi-functional layers, shielding them from road debris and weather impacts. Once treated with the vinyl wrap, your trailer becomes safely protected from corrosion, scratches, and other minor accidental damages. In addition, our vinyl wraps for trailers are equipped with a UV-protection layer, preventing color fading.

Should You Paint or Wrap Your Cargo Trailer?

If you do a short research, you’ll probably find out that an average painting procedure for a conventional trailer will cost you quite a lot of money. Moreover, it doesn’t provide you with any protection from scratches, corrosion or fading. No matter how much you pay for the painting job, the surfaces will show a great deal of wear in only a couple of years. Besides, the re-painted trailer automatically becomes less valued. Traditional painting is a long process, involving the using of expensive equipment and materials. It will take days, as the paint layers need time to dry out. A paint shop must also have an expensive spray booth providing air-tight conditions, as well as plenty of other costly equipment. All these factors cannot but influence the final price of the painting services.

On the other hand, wrapping a trailer is approximately 50% cheaper than traditional painting. It is also much faster and more flexible in terms of use and maintenance. You can always change or adjust your advertising as well as alter your emblem if you suddenly decide to rebrand your business.

The benefits of using vinyl wraps for trailers are as follows:

  • Lower price as compared to traditional painting.
    Cost efficiency is a vital factor for any type of business. With the trailer films we sell, you have the chance to save a lot of money.
  • Fast installation.
    You definitely do not want your trailer to be standing in a painting shop for half a week or more. With vinyl wraps, it just takes up to 24 hours to complete.
  • Preserving resale value.
    No matter how much you have spent for your trailer, taking care of your investment is probably one of your biggest concerns. The wrap will keep your trailer’s body parts safely protected from corrosion, fading and minor damages.
  • Efficient advertising for your business.
    The mobility of your advertisement provides plenty of opportunities. Be sure to use them!

We offer a 24/7 assistance line for citizens of Chicago. You are also welcome to check our trailer vinyl wrap portfolio to see our experience and expertise. Whatever your advertising ideas are, our professional designer team is always ready to provide you with top quality service, as well as high performance materials and products. We are ready to meet any of your challenges and provide useful guidance for your project. With us, you’ll get a wide variety of colors, textures, and types of vinyl trailer wraps. Our top quality products guarantee durable and safe protection for your business transport.


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