Get a Pickup Wrap in Chicago: Super Fast, Top Quality Films!

Pickup truck wraps are large graphically designed decals or films that are stretched onto the bodywork of your vehicle to create a customized look, without damaging the paintwork.

Truck wraps can be applied to the interior or exterior of any pickup truck, no matter the model or age of the vehicle. Do you have an old Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, or GMC Sierra that you can’t quite afford to replace? Why not wrap it in an eye-catching custom-designed vinyl wrap to achieve an upgraded new look or new color, while protecting the paintwork and resale value.

Vinyl wraps for pickups come in many different colors, textures, and finishes. Our talented graphic designers can custom design a full wrap or partial wrap to meet any client specification. Whether you are looking to promote your brand and business or just simply add a personal touch to your vehicle, vinyl wrapping is the perfect solution.

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7 main benefits of a pickup wrap

  1. Upgrades the look of older vehicles
  2. Protects paintwork
  3. Can be applied to the interior and exterior of any vehicle
  4. Adheres to tightest contours
  5. Many color and texture options
  6. Advertise your brand
  7. Fast removal with no long term damage

Cost of a pickup vehicle vinyl wrap

A vinyl wrap for an average-sized pickup, such as a GMC Sierra costs anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000. Cost variations are dependent on:

  • Size of the vehicle
  • Brand and quality of vinyl used
  • Whether you fully wrap or partially wrap the truck
  • Intricacy of graphics

Which parts of a pickup truck are most commonly wrapped?

The most commonly wrapped parts on a pickup truck have the flattest and most visible surfaces to provide maximum visual impact:

Benefits of a partial pickup wrap

If you are on a tight budget but still looking for a transformative look for your pickup then you could consider a partial vehicle wrap. Partial vehicle wraps cover only the central parts of a pickup truck, such as the doors, side panel, and back windscreen. Well-designed and positioned partial wraps are more affordable than full wraps and can be just as impactful.

Company brand pickup wrap

Truck vinyl wraps are an affordable medium for business owners to gain exposure for their brand. What better way to reach your customer and get your name around town, than on a continually moving billboard that delivers high-frequency advertising for up to 7 years.

At Tinting Chicago our in-house graphic design service will provide you with concepts and ideas to integrate your brand into an eye-catching decal that will attract new customers. If you are both a business owner and a pickup truck owner, you’re missing a powerful advertising opportunity by not branding your vehicle.

How to care for a vinyl-wrapped pickup

  • Hand wash only
  • Never put your vinyl-wrapped vehicle through an automated car wash
  • Wash away stains, insects, and dirt as quickly as possible
  • Avoid waxing the bodywork
  • Park in the shade whenever possible (if living in particularly sunny climes)

What is the best vinyl truck wrap brand?

With many different brands of vehicle wrap on the market, it can be confusing selecting which brand to opt for. At Tinting Chicago, we only install 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl wraps as we believe these brands offer customers the best value for money. While it might be tempting to go with a cheaper brand of vinyl wrap, it is worth noting that more expensive vinyl wrap has a longer lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years does a vinyl truck wrap last?

The longevity of a pickup truck vinyl wrap depends on the brand of vinyl used. If looked after correctly, a high-quality vinyl wrap will last up to 5-7 years. But the official brands’ guarantees usually span 2 years, plus 2 years of guarantee for the quality of Tinting Chicago installation.

Can I put a vinyl-wrapped pickup through a carwash?

To avoid peeling and shrinkage of the wrap it is best to hand wash a vinyl-wrapped pickup, rather than put it through an automated car wash. Gentle hand washing will help prolong the life of your vinyl wrap.

Will a vinyl truck wrap fade in the sun?

No, generally speaking, high-quality vinyl wraps do not fade in the sun because they include a UV reflective layer. However, if you live in a particularly sunny climate, it is advisable to park your car in shade as much as possible to protect the vinyl and avoid any long-term cracking or peeling.


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