See Through Window Graphics For Great Exposure, Increased Sales

Perforated window graphics are made from PVC vinyl material that’s applied to the windows of vehicles, as well as commercial or residential buildings to promote a business or brand. The perforations in the vinyl provide a full visual on one side of the window but also great visibility from the other side.  This makes them ideal for high-quality graphics on vehicle windows, as well as for storefront advertising.

With proper installation and the use of high-quality brands, perforated window decals can last for up to 7 years making them one of the most durable forms of advertising available to small and large-sized businesses.

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7 benefits of see-through window graphics

  1. Utilize vehicle or premises windows for promotional purposes
  2. Affordable
  3. Easy to install
  4. Durable
  5. Highly customizable
  6. Doesn’t damage windows
  7. Easily changeable

Perforated window decals explained

Perforated window decals are one-way vision signs that provide an opaque vibrant image on one side of the glass, but are see-through on the other side. Some perforated vinyl has a 30% to 70% ratio, meaning 70% of window graphic is vinyl and 30% is tiny holes.

If you look closely, a perforated window decal contains hundreds of unprinted tiny holes that allow light to stream through. The image quality produced on the other side of the window appears just as solid and complete as with non-perforated graphics. 

Businesses that use perforated window decals

  • Retail stores
  • Beauty salons
  • Wellness spas
  • Fitness centers,
  • Corporate agencies
  • Company vehicles

Where to place a perforated window sign

  • Rear vehicle windows graphics
  • Rear side window graphics
  • Graphics for internal glass partition
  • Window promotion for businesses that still need a view out

The lifespan of perforated window decals

A perforated window decal with a high-quality image is particularly durable. It lasts up to 7 years when installed indoors and up to 5 years outdoors, depending on the weather conditions.  Decals are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions but an excess of rain, hail, or snow could damage the vinyl eventually.  To increase the longevity of your perforated window decal, it’s best to avoid automated car washes, harsh cleaning chemicals, and abrasive brushes.

Getting customized window graphics

Customized graphics can easily be printed onto perforated vinyl. The most effective window graphics display your business name, logo, contact details, and eye-catching imagery. At Tinting Chicago, we have a team of designers with many years of experience creating graphics for perforated vinyl.

Simply provide them with your business name, logo, brand colors, and lettering and they will supply you with vibrant visuals for your premises and vehicle windows.

Installation of a perforated window graphic

The installation process for perforated decals is quick and easy for professionals with years of experience. These decals are made from adhesive vinyl with a backing paper that can be peeled away just before applying the adhesive side to the window. Most critically, the window must be completely dust and grime free before the sticker has adhered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can perforated window decals be removed and reapplied?

No, perforated window decals are not easily removed and reapplied. They're designed for one-off permanent applications. Once removed, they lose their adhesive quality and therefore can't be reapplied to another window.

Do perforated window decals and window stickers damage windows?

No, window decals don't damage windows at all, so long as they're removed correctly and without the use of tools that could scratch or chip the glass. The most efficient way to remove window decals is through the application of heat, usually using a heat gun.

Do window graphics come with a warranty?

Most reputable vinyl wrap companies offer a warranty on their product. At Tinting Chicago, we only use the 3M and Avery Dennison brands and both offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.


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