Taxi Cab Branding: Visible, Affordable Advertising to Boost Sales

When vinyl film advertising first came along it transformed the taxi advertising landscape. Today, it’s recognized as one of the most effective and high-frequency forms of outdoor advertising available to small and large-sized businesses.

Most cab companies these days offer car advertising opportunities to supplement revenue and attract more customers. From a local business perspective, it’s an affordable advertising medium that offers wide reach, as well as great exposure. Clients can place vinyl wrap ads on many different areas of a cab, including the doors, the trunk, and even the rear window.

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6 benefits of taxi advertising

  1. Highly visible
  2. Affordable
  3. Easily changeable
  4. Widen your target audience
  5. Highly customizable
  6. High frequency

Where to place your cab advertising

  • Trunk
  • Doors
  • Rear Window
  • Side windows
  • Cost of taxi cab branding
  • Roof

5 tips for taxi advertising designs

  • Minimize copy
  • Keep your creative idea simple
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Buy the most prominent position you can afford
  • Include a call to action

Effectiveness of taxi advertising

The more unusual and clever your advert, the more effective your taxi cab branding will be. Studies show that the general public prefers taxis and buses with branding on the side meaning they are receptive to the advertising messages they see.

People living in cities spend around 2.5 hours traveling to and from work each day. On average they give seven seconds of attention to static billboards, but with a moving vehicle, the audience absorbs the advertising message for far longer. In situations of gridlock or slow-moving traffic, the advertiser gets eyeballs on their advert for extended periods with taxi riders a captive audience.

Cost of taxi advertising

The cost of taxi ads is dependent on the following variable factors:

  • Size of the advertisement
  • Cost of advertising placement on cab
  • Length of campaign
  • number of cars used
  • Cost of graphic design
  • Brand of vinyl

Benefits of taxi advertising over bus advertising

  • Taxis don’t follow a specific route
  • Your ad is shown in the most popular parts of town
  • Exposure at populated locations, such as airports, city centers, entertainment spots
  • Adverts are at eye level for other drivers

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does cab advertising last?

Vinyl wrap material for cab advertising is extremely durable and can last for up to 7 years. Most businesses run advertising campaigns that are far shorter than this. The length of a cab advertising campaign is really dependent on your budget and promotional timeframe.

Does cab advertising fade in the sun?

No need to worry about your taxi advertising fading because vinyl wrap material is designed to repel UV rays. Even if you run your taxi ads for a year, so long as you have used high-quality vinyl, the ads won't fade in the sun.

Do Uber cabs offer car advertising services?

Yes, some Uber cabs do now offer digital ads and vinyl material ads on the front, side, and back of their cars. This is helping the company tap into new and lucrative revenue streams.


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