Get Bus Branding Professionally Designed: Reach a Bigger Audience

Buses are giant moving billboards, ideal for branding, advertising, and promotional opportunities. Through the application of vinyl wrap, adverts are quickly and easily placed on the side of buses for promotional periods that can last weeks or sometimes months.

Buses driving through major metropolitan areas daily are repeatedly seen by hundreds and thousands of potential customers daily. In the advertising world, frequency is everything, here lies an opportunity to gain frequency and traction for your brand. The more your advert is viewed, the more of an impression it will make.

If you’re interested to find out more about advertising graphics on buses, contact Tinting Chicago at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and learn how our talented graphic design team can turn your bus advert ideas into reality.

Benefits of bus branding

  • Cost-effective
  • High reach
  • High frequency
  • Local targeting
  • Easily changeable

Are bus ads effective?

Studies have shown bus service ads to be a highly effective form of outdoor advertising for the following markets: household services, commercial goods.

Unlike more expensive indoor mediums of advertising, bus ads can’t be muted, flipped, or overlooked. 85% of bus commuters in London state that they prefer traveling in buses with an advertising campaign on the exterior.

As buses are of course moving almost all the time, particularly in large cities, the key to effective bus advertising is strong, clear messaging and graphics. The extreme size of bus ads helps them cut through the cluttered advertising landscape and drive your message home.

What kind of buses are suitable for bus wraps

Buses used for the following purposes within the community are suited to advertising and branding:

  • Zoos
  • Schools
  • Parties
  • Tours
  • Shuttles
  • Charters
  • Passengers
  • Transits

Designing custom bus wraps

If you’re lacking in creative ideas, our dedicated team of graphic designers at Tinting Chicago are on hand to help custom design effective bus wrap graphics for you. You may have the seed of an idea but don’t quite know how to bring that idea to life, they are on hand to make your vision a reality.

Size of bus ads

Although as a customer, you want to maximize the exposure of your brand on the side of a bus, usually budget dictates size choices. It’s possible to have a full-side ad or a partial-side ad on a bus however the larger the vinyl wrap, the more expensive the ad. The exact specifications of an advert will be supplied to you by the bus company you’re advertising with.

Types of bus advertising options

Adverts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, formats, and locations on a bus. You can choose to advertise on the inside of a bus or the outside.

  • Superside banners are placed high on the sides of buses so that they’re visible to pedestrians on crowded walkways. They’re intended to catch the eye of shoppers and passers-by in busy towns and cities
  • T-side banners create a T-shape on the side of a bus
  • Streetliners are small strips located below the windows at eye-level ads that draw the attention of drivers and pedestrians
  • Rear banners are placed on the back of a bus and highly visible to people driving behind the bus
  • Full wraps are vinyl adverts that cover the whole bus, including the sides, front, and back

Steps to creating a bus advert

  • Supply specifications of the advert to the design team
  • Provide logo, brand colors plus any copy
  • Share creative ideas you believe with have a big impact
  • Receive mock-up of advert
  • Supply feedback
  • Sign off final artwork
  • Advert printed on Vinyl

Cost of promoting your brand on a bus

Although there’s an upfront investment required to purchase a vinyl bus ad, remember it’s a one-off investment that will reap rewards for many weeks and months to come. When considering bus advertising costs, the following aspects need to be taken into account:

  • Area of advertising space
  • Advertising rates
  • Exposure gained
  • Length of the advertising period
  • Graphic design fees
  • Amount of vinyl material required

Frequently Asked Questions

Will any bus service allow paid brand advertising?

Advertising is a great way for commercial bus services to supplement their running costs. Unless a commercial bus company only features its branding it will likely allow local businesses to advertise on the side of it.

Do vinyl bus wraps damage the paintwork?

Providing vinyl bus ads are installed and removed correctly, they won't damage the paintwork on a bus they're more likely to protect the bus from unwanted scratches and damage caused in busy metropolitan areas.

Where can you put place branding inside a bus?

Advertising can create a huge impact on the interior of a bus. Advertising content is often found on the back of the seats and between the ceiling and the walls.


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