Customized Vinyl Wraps

Customized Vinyl Wraps

Our custom vinyl wraps for cars offer Chicago clients a wide range of vinyl-based print materials. These are multi-layer laminated coatings, providing a perfect chance for customizing your vehicle and protecting it from various harmful factors. Most of the wraps can be easily installed and removed, leaving no signs on the treated surfaces and doing no damage to the original paint.

If you want to bring new life to your vehicle, the usage of customized vinyl wraps is a great way to do it. Modern vinyl wraps provide a fast and affordable chance to imbue your car with freshness and energy. You can always choose between thousands of colors and effects, either for the whole body of your car, or some of its parts only. The finishes we offer are produced by world-famous manufacturers and offer the highest quality and top performance. Our wide selection of color changing vinyl wraps will provide you with multiple options for your vehicle’s customization.

Designed to alter your ride’s color, the customized vinyl wraps can change your car entirely. You may also choose to add some extra accents to particular parts of your car. We carry plenty of colors and effects for transforming your vehicle’s appearance, including chrome, carbon fiber, brushed metal, satin, and matte. For our Chicago clients, we offer multiple textures of natural skin and real wood.

The customized vinyl wraps we offer are mainly equipped with modern self-adhesive technology allowing quick installation while the air discharge system prevents the bubble effect. The adhesives won’t harm your vehicle’s paint even after years of use. If you wish, you can always go back to your initial color. Normally, the application is done in air-tight areas providing protection from drought and dust, which can seriously damage the wrapping and the paintwork. The temperature range is usually from +16C to +32C. However, in some cases it may be wider. Be sure to check the instructions or feel free to contact our 24/7 support team in Chicago, IL.

If you want a head-turning appearance for your car, be sure to contact our professional team. You can also come and get acquainted with the product samples of our vinyl wrappings. Our trained designer team will help you with choosing the right design for your car. You are sure to get all the necessary installation and treatment tips from us.

Apart from enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and style, by wrapping your vehicle with vinyl film you also take a range of practical steps to provide extra protection to your ride. There’s no doubt that an unprotected car keeps losing its value constantly. Every day you risk receiving a new scratch or getting your paint surfaces spoiled by road debris. It is quite disappointing, especially when you find out the average price for the paint repair jobs in Chicago, IL. Custom vinyl wraps will prevent such situations. Now, when the car is treated and protected with a vinyl wrap, you feel much easier about any minor accidental damage. No need to worry about corrosion anymore, as the metal parts will be safely hidden behind a 3.5mil. multi-layer protection. In addition, your original colors will stay brand new and won’t fade, as the UV protection layer of the custom vinyl wrap provides exceptional protection against UV rays.

Customized vinyl wraps are also applied as an advertisement tool for commercial uses. Every day you see numbers of trucks and trailers wrapped with colorful advertisements, company details, brands, etc. Chicago businesses actively use the advertising areas of their transport as a viable instrument of promoting their products and services. Digitally printed graphics on vinyl wraps provide the perfect chance for an eye-catching campaign of your products or brand.

The vinyl wraps can be used anywhere. Whenever it is a car decal or a wrapping used on the elevator door, it is the perfect solution for customizing any surface and adding to its style and appearance. Whatever your advertising or designing ideas are, our professional team is always ready to provide you with top quality service as well as high-performance materials and products. We are dedicated to meeting any of your challenges and providing useful guidance for your project. With us, you’ll get a wide variety of colors, textures, and types of vinyl wraps.


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