See Through Car Window Graphics: Affordable Promotion For Windows

Perforated vinyl window decals adhere to the rear windshield and side windows of vehicles to enable effective business promotion while still retaining great visibility for the driver. They’re designed for business owners who see the benefits of turning their vehicles into mobile billboards, yet still, need to be able to safely see out while driving.

Before the development of see-through graphics, it wasn’t possible to put large promotional banners on the rear window of vehicles. Car window decals had to be small and unobtrusive to allow the driver safe vision. Today, perforated custom rear window graphics can completely cover the whole of the back windscreen, taking advantage of this prime advertising real estate.

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7 benefits of see-through car window graphics

  1. Promote your business or brand prominently
  2. Retain one-way visibility through the window
  3. Offer great security from opportunistic thieves
  4. Allow natural light into the vehicle
  5. Affordable
  6. Quickly installed
  7. No lasting damage to paintwork

Perforated window decals explained

See-through car window stickers contain hundreds of tiny unprinted holes which provide great full visibility for the driver but create a perfect image from the outside of a vehicle. These tiny holes also allow natural light to stream through the entire decal. See-through car window graphics mean that promotional stickers can now legally and safely be adhered to rear windscreens and side windows in cars.

The installation process for car window stickers check-list

The installation process for car window decals is fiddly and time-consuming and best carried out by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Here are the steps for applying window decals:

  • Find a well lit, dust-free space to work in
  • Thoroughly clean the glass surface using a lint-free cloth
  • Wipe with alcohol spray, ensuring no specs of dust remain
  • Peel off the backing on the sticker
  • Stick to the window being making sure it is perfectly straight
  • Use a soft squeegee to remove any air bubbles or creases
  • Avoid washing window for at least 48 hours

Effectiveness of car window decals

Multiple studies prove that car window decals are an extremely effective form of outdoor advertising. The rear window of a car is the perfect location to promote a business or brand, particularly when vehicles are stationary at red lights or caught up in traffic jams.

It’s estimated that vehicles with window decals receive up to 70,000 impressions, depending on the location they’re driving through. For maximum impact, it’s best to always keep graphics clean and uncluttered.

Tips for caring for a window decal

  • Hand wash rather than put through the automated car wash
  • Wash dirt and grease away as quickly as possible
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning products or brushes
  • Park in the shade whenever possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Are car window decals weather resistant?

See-through car window decals are designed to be durable to resistant to harsh weather conditions. So long as they're applied correctly, they won't start peeling or bubbling in excessively hot or cold weather.

Do see-through window graphics block UV rays?

Great quality car window decals can block UV rays to some extent. Remember however that UV rays and natural light will still spill through the tiny holes in perforated vinyl.

Are perforated rear window stickers fully customizable?

Yes, at Tinting Chicago, we have a dedicated team of expert graphic designers on hand to create the perfect promotional car window decals to promote your business. Provide us with your business name, logo, brand colors, and any creative ideas, and leave the rest to us!


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